Photo collage (finally!)

This is something that I’ve been planning for almost four months, i.e. since I moved in. In the last flat I ran out of wall space for all my photos, posters and other framed paraphernalia, but here I’ve almost run out of things to hang! For my reading corner I wanted to create cosyness by hanging loads of pictures of family and friends, and since I’d never attempted a frame collage before, I thought it was about time.

First I laid out all the picture frames in a formation that I liked:
Barry clearly wasn’t as taken with it, but since he can’t complain, I chose to ignore him. Oh, and I know that in most stylish frame collages you see on Pinterest etc, all the frames match. Mine don’t. That’s fine, as these were all frames I already had and I wasn’t about to go out and spend loads on this.

After previous failed attempts at hanging pictures exactly where I wanted them, I took some advice from this post and used newspaper templates to make sure I got the holes/nails right.

Before I taped the bits of paper up on the wall I marked a hole where the nail should go, so that I could easily put it in the right place once the template was on the wall. Like so:

Yep, I got to put a nail through Viggo Mortensen’s crotch.

Once I’d marked and taped all the paper templates up and put nails in all the correct places, my wall looked…interesting. Not exactly stunning, or cosy.

Put when I’d whipped off the paper and hung the pictures – ta-daah!


Please excuse the lilac chair. I bought it that way with plans to spray paint it, but when I finally took the time to do it, I ran out of paint. It’s still on my (long) list of projects. And the frame collage may look a bit small, but the idea is that I can build out from this shape as I want.

And just because I’m a nerd, here it is in 60s mode: