Happy Friday


Someone is happy the heating has come on…


A bit of Ikea improvement (yes, it can be done!)

I love a trip to Ikea. Obviously, I do – I am Swedish after all. Although I’m not happy that they’ve stopped selling all the proper Swedish food and replaced it with their own brand foods. No more Daim bars! It’s a good thing I’ve got people on the inside who can bring stuff over on a regular basis…

I know Ikea is a lot of people’s idea of a day in hell, but I love walking around the whole place, looking at the made up rooms, having a rest on the sofas, being inspired by organisational ideas and, of course, pretending to live there:


We’re easily amused.

My many purchases included this lovely rug as well as various organisational bits and pieces, including one of these to store my jewellery in. Previously I’ve had things in bowls, which a) means that it looks a bit cluttered, and b) means that everything gets covered in dust. And I’m not very good at dusting. So while Moppe isn’t very exciting as he comes, I had planned on covering him in black gloss paint and lining the drawers with some interesting wrapping paper, ideally in some sort of swirly pattern with blue, white and orange.

He really does look rather lacklustre in his natural state, doesn’t he?

But after just one coat of paint I could tell that he’d grow into a handsome thing:

I love the contrast between the black and the pale inside. Luckily my paint job passed Barry’s scrutiny. What I didn’t realise was how hard it is to wash gloss paint off when you don’t have any white spirit, and both my hands and the bath had to take a severe scrubbing to get clean. Slight rookie mistake there. But we live and learn. After two coats he was finally done. Oooh. And aaah:

The only thing left was getting his insides dressed with this rather strapping Habitat wallpaper (thank you Homebase for allowing me to “sample”). I’m rather pleased with the final result!