Just checking in to say…

…I bloody love Saturday mornings.



Summer trousers

We clearly both like my new summer work trousers. Certainly more fun than the usual grey or beige. And they were only £7.50! Bargain. Gotta love H&M.


New flat!

Just a quick one to give an update on the move – I’m in! Notice how I didn’t say ‘we’re in’ – sadly Barry is still at his country retreat (i.e. my boyfriend’s house) while some work is being done in the flat. He’s been sorely missed this week…but on the other hand I’ve slept quite well when I’ve not been woken up every half an hour by someone wanting me to lift the duvet up so he can crawl in…

Anyway. On the subject of the flat – here are a couple of sneak pictures. Compared to the last one, it really is huge. Love it.



I’ll of course post more as I get everything in order!

A new home/start

I’ve found a new home for me and Barry. I’m so, so, so relieved and so, so, so excited about our new home. It’s bigger and better than my current place, so maybe things do happen for a reason.

And it’ll give me a whole new blank canvas for home decor/DIY projects! I hope we’ll be as happy there as we have been here.

2013-03-06 21.51.16

Oh Manchester…

I’ve lived in Manchester for seven years. I’m originally from Sweden and lived in Stockholm until the grand old age of 19. Following a few years of gypsy-ing about (London/Manchester/Stockholm) I decided somehow that Manchester was to be my home. People sometimes ask me why (especially when I’ve just been extolling the virtues of Stockholm as the most amazing place in the world) and I really struggle to answer. I mean the weather is pretty awful, it’s not particularly cultural (one of my favourite museums, the Urbis, was closed down to be converted into a FOOTBALL MUSEUM), the people can be…fascinating, so to speak. But there’s something about it that I love. It’s just the right size (or as we would call it in Sweden – lagom), the culture it does have is creative and interesting, and the people can be warm and friendly and absolutely lovely.

I thought I’d share some views from my morning walk to work to try to demonstrate why Manchester is so special.

Manchester Craft and Design Centre

Good example of old and new mixed together

The old fish market – sounds glamorous eh?

And this is what I love about Manchester – the beautiful mixed with the somewhat bizarre (literally – you can see the reflection of the fish market in the window):

Cardboard cut-out of a police woman in the Chinese restaurant

I also loved these two dogs waiting patiently for their owner outside the Spar:

And of course, this collection of bike locks around a lamp post – but no bikes in sight:

To finish off, I can’t not mention the weather. It rains here. A lot. Autumn and winter is basically six months of torrential downpour. But it’s a good excuse to wear my amazing Tretorn wellies!

Why hello there

So, here we are. The ‘we’ in the title is me and Barry. I’m Emily, I’m 32, I live in Didsbury in South Manchester. My interests are varied, so the main idea behind this blog is just to show what I make and do (obviously) within and outside our home – home improvement and decoration, cooking, burlesque dancing, things I just like the look of, going out eating and drinking and all that entails. Sometimes the other half of ‘we’ will be my boyfriend, who often accompanies me on these jaunts. Sounds incredibly original, non? I’m sure there are thousands of blogs exactly like that already out there, but I don’t care. This is mine.

I might throw in some public grammatical mistakes every now and then for good measure.

To introduce my live-in partner: Barry is a 7-year-old cat. He doesn’t really have any interests. Funnily enough he has more fans than the number of people he has actually met – they just admire him from a distance.

So, there we are. I hope we’ll all enjoy this.