Summer is finally here!

I’m not sure Manchester had a summer last year, but we’re making up for it this year! Sadly it’s arrived on the same weekend that I had stupidly signed up for a casual morning 5K run…running in 25 degree heat and scorching sun the morning after having a curry for dinner is not something I’d recommend to others. But I did it, and managed a personal best to boot – 27 minutes 45 seconds!

That’s me and my colleague Suzi looking very proud of ourselves.

But yesterday I went to visit my friend’s new baby girl! Meet the beautiful Elise Grace:


Look at all that hair!


She’s a strong little madam, with such perfectly formed little hands.

Ellie hand

I got some close-up cuddles with her too. She farted on my hand.


But it wasn’t all about Ellie – I also went to give my godson his second birthday present. He ended up loving his Thomas the tank engine dvds so much that he wanted to watch them straight away, leaving me enjoying his paddle pool.


Ok, one more of Ellie. She was pulling the best faces.

But the best part about other people’s babies is the fact that you get to leave them with their parents when they start crying. And go to the pub.


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