Lunchtime mooch

I am obsessed with TK Maxx. I mean obsessed. Pretty much every lunchtime I nip in either there or in its sister shop Home Sense. Because you never know what might have popped up overnight, like some sort of magical home decor mushroom!

Today I just thought I’d share a few things that I spied while I methodically scanned the aisles…speaking of aisles, this one might be my favourite:

All those baskets just make me want to grab a load of them and run home and dot them around my flat. You know, like in the homes of one of those effortlessly organised people you see on American blogs. I will never be one of them. I like tat too much.

Moving on! I have been pondering my bathroom scheme, having just finished putting things on walls last night (update post coming soon!). I’m thinking a combination of whites, oranges and pinks. Might sound garish but this towel I spied made it all come together like a well-oiled squirrel:

By the way, pardon the low-quality pics today, they were all taken on my worthless phone. Speaking of towels, I also really liked these, but alas they would not go with my chosen scheme:


Continuing the bathroom theme, I thought this would look well cute filled with cotton wool balls:


In the clearance section I spotted this little gent, at a bargainous £3 due to a minute chip.


I would fill him with wine corks (ok, this is starting to sound rude) as and when bottles got drunk (quite frequently in my house…) Blatantly stole that idea from one of those aforementioned blogs.

I also spotted some fairly ghastly and, frankly, quite incomprehensible things. Oversized ornamental shoes anyone?


No, me neither.

Speaking of American…things, TK Maxx have started doing a “craft” and “scrapbooking” (never quite got my head around that concept to be honest) section, which somehow appeals to me, on some primal level. These lovely cards just made me want to be one of those people who sit at a leather-clad desk and write grown-up notes of thanks to friends.


Yeah, never gonna happen either. I know my limits.


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