Pancake day!

This is my first Shrove Tuesday since I started low-carbing, so I thought I’d try this almond-based pancake recipe I found on a really helpful website. If anyone is new to low-carb, it’s a great place to start (it’s an American site though, so some of the recommendations aren’t really applicable if you live in the UK like me).

The batter was very thick, so after frying the first pancake I added more water, along with some pure vanilla extract to boost the flavour a bit.

There’s no point going to the trouble of making low-carb pancakes if I was going to top it with sugary jam, so last week I ordered some “raw” chocolate and almond spread. This along with berries and mega-rich mascarpone left me very satisfied after only two pancakes! Boyfriend opted to have his with the traditional lemon and sugar, which didn’t really work that well to be honest… I think the batter is more suitable for making waffles, since the ground almonds makes it quite crispy – this also makes it near enough impossible to roll, so waffles would work well I reckon.


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