Day out with the bean

I’ve not written a blog post for a long time now. I have been trying to look after myself more and being kind to myself, and unfortunately the blog was beginning to feel like another thing on my ‘must do’-list – it became something I felt like I had to do, rather than wanted to do. But since I’ve been looking after myself more, I started feeling like I wanted to get back to it. And after spending a lovely day doing something that definitely fit into the ‘being kind to myself’ category, I decided it would be fitting for it to be my first “comeback” post.

I spent today doing something I’ve never done before – paying to go crafting. My friend Haley suggested going to a placCrafteliciouse in Chorlton called Craftelicious, which is a lovely little cafe that offers crafting of various kinds, tea, cakes and crepes (sadly I didn’t have any this time, but I will definitely go for the Nutella crepes next time I go – hubba hubba). And since this meant a reason to see my lovely little godson, I was more than eager to go along.

There were loads of different things to choose to do – painting lanterns, Christmas baubles, decoupaging, and loads of different animals to choose from. Well, that got me right going – if there’s one thing I like, it’s an animal-shaped ornament. And since I’d never tried decoupaging before, I thought I would give it a go. Coming up to Christmas it seemed apt to decorate a reindeer as well!

To start with, it’s just a cardboard-type figure, ready to paste in whatever colour you want from a selection of coloured and patterned papers:

Reindeer + decoupage papers

I decided to go for Christmassy colours of red and green.

My choices

Then I was instructed to tear it up into thumbnail-sized pieces, ready to start applying to the naked reindeer.

Ready to apply

Decoupaging is basically brushing a special type of glue to the base, applying these tiny bits of paper, then brushing more glue on top. It sets quite quickly, but you can apply more paper on top as you want, to create whatever pattern you fancy.

First patches + getting on

It was fun, but by the time I got to his antlers I realised how much concentration it actually took!


While I was busy sticking my brush into the reindeer’s various crevices, Haley was making this cute bauble with Sean’s hand print on it. She made one last year for his first Christmas and is planning on making one every year – such a nice idea.


Sean wasn’t really too enthusiastic about any of the crafting (probably a tad too young at 18 months) but he was busy looking generally cute and trying to eat all the paint and brushes.

Sean crafting

Finally my little camp Christmas reindeer was dressed!


I’ve not worked out where he’s going to go yet, but I’ll try him out in various places. And I reckon with this new addition, I must be up to at least 40 animal-based ornaments around my flat…problem, me? Possibly.


5 thoughts on “Day out with the bean

  1. I really enjoyed this posting. Written with authenticity and it has made me want to try and experiment more with crafting. Rather than seeking perfection, just to have fun!
    Take care and happy holidays. Looking forward to your updates in 2013. J x

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