Hanging out with the King

I borrowed a sewing machine to take in some trousers (since I’ve lost 23lbs since last summer – go me!). It took me about three weeks to actually getting round to using it, but today it’s all done! Three trousers taken in, one bikini fixed and – drumroll – one cushion cover made! That probably makes it sound more impressive than it was – I only used about six pins and sewed one straight seam. But still, I’m dead pleased. Especially since it was made using a pillowcase that’s been wasting away at the bottom of my bedding box for a good few years. I bought two Elvis pillowcases years ago in Swedish shop Lagerhaus (amazing shop – even if you don’t understand it since the website is in Swedish, just look at that fox cushion and you know it’s good), but the weird thing is that Swedish pillows are generally a lot smaller than the ones we have here, so I haven’t been able to use them since moving to the UK. Still held on to them though – you never know when you “might need” these things…well, I’m glad I did!  Here it is before:

I had a cushion cover that I no longer liked, so I thought I might as well use the inside cushion for the new cover. I started off by turning one Elvis inside out and using the current cushion cover as a measuring tool. Like so:


Then I pinned down the side, turned Elvis inside out, and simply sewed a straight seam down the pillowcase.

Hey baby…how you like my seam?

I made sure I measured the current cushion cover on the same side as the pillowcase’s opening, so that I could use the overlap to hold the cushion in. So once I’d stitched down the middle of the pillowcase, it was simply a case of turning it inside out and putting the cushion back in. Done!

Look how impressed Barry is. Actually I think he’s knackered after all the measuring and sewing going on today.

I might try dyeing the cushion cover a light to mid-green, hoping that the outline of Elvis will still be visible. If it doesn’t work, I have another pillowcase so I don’t need to worry about this one being ruined.



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