Mmmm, cheese…

So I’m currently trying out low-carb eating. I know, I used to think it was a load of bollocks and just an excuse to eat meat (which supposedly stays in your intestines for years – yum) and cheese – well, I need no excuse to eat cheese. I LOVE cheese. Part of the reason why I love living where I do is that I’m very close to The Cheese Hamlet – the best cheese shop in the North West. But I digress.

On this low-carb “diet” (I hate that word – it conjures up images of maple syrup/cayenne pepper or cabbage soup methods of trying to lose weight) I am eating more meat, cheese and, most importantly, veg – to be honest, eating this way has actually made me focus more on eating veg, so I imagine for that reason alone it’s a good way of eating for me.  Here’s an example of tonight’s dinner – halloumi fried and wrapped in pancetta, with steamed runner beans, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. What’s not to like?

Potatoes? Who’s missing potatoes?


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