My first project

…and it’s a small one! I got inspired by this post (although Barry flinched at their expression ‘to skin a cat’) to try and re-style my bookcase. I initially found it about five years ago on the street where I used to live, left next to a bin (I was on a date at the time, and made my date carry it home for me). I love it, but it was very functional and not very aesthetically pleasing:

Before – functional but dull

Yes, that is my stash of instructions and warranties underneath – I didn’t have anywhere to put them so just shoved them somewhere I couldn’t see them. I know, very grown-up. Did I mention that I’m in my 30s? Anyway, I started by clearing and cleaning the whole thing:

Naked as the day she was born

I decided that I watch DVDs (bottom shelf) so seldom that they don’t actually warrant being out in full view, so I stashed them in my recycling box and stuck them under the bed – still easy to get to if I get a sudden horror urge (which I do quite regularly), but out of the way.

Then it came to choosing between my copious bits of ‘tat’ to showcase. Since I’m a person who loves second hand shops, flea markets, even skip diving, I have amassed quite a bit of tat in my life. I love tat. And I love my owl lamp. So I played around with stuff for a bit and came up with this – what do you think? Anything that looks out of place? Anything that should be moved around?

After – finished?


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