Why hello there

So, here we are. The ‘we’ in the title is me and Barry. I’m Emily, I’m 32, I live in Didsbury in South Manchester. My interests are varied, so the main idea behind this blog is just to show what I make and do (obviously) within and outside our home – home improvement and decoration, cooking, burlesque dancing, things I just like the look of, going out eating and drinking and all that entails. Sometimes the other half of ‘we’ will be my boyfriend, who often accompanies me on these jaunts. Sounds incredibly original, non? I’m sure there are thousands of blogs exactly like that already out there, but I don’t care. This is mine.

I might throw in some public grammatical mistakes every now and then for good measure.

To introduce my live-in partner: Barry is a 7-year-old cat. He doesn’t really have any interests. Funnily enough he has more fans than the number of people he has actually met – they just admire him from a distance.

So, there we are. I hope we’ll all enjoy this.


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